Jessie Duke
Director of Early Childhood

Sarah Davis

Jessica Hodge



Lori Brown
Section - KA

Shannon Eaton
Section - KB

Traci Jones
Section - KC

Robin Nadziejko
Section - KD

Grade 1

Chelci Kremmel
Section - 1A

Charlene Howell
Section - 1B

Lindsey Wood
Section - 1C

Nicole Hanks
Section - 1D

Grade 2

Megan Weston
Section - 2A

Katelyn Machuga
Section - 2B

Katie Ray
Section - 2C

Richelle Metz
Section - 2D

Grade 3

Lea Thebeau
Section - 3A

Jenny Anderson
Section - 3B

Michael Hopkins
Section - 3C

Alexis Royer
Section - 3D

Grade 4

Sarah Majzel
Section - 4A

Tanya Buechel
Section - 4B

JoAnne Hotto
Section - 4C

Sue Cauwels
Section - 4D

Grade 5

Andrea Schaefer
Section - 5A

Kathryn Danks
Section - 5B

Alaina Scherle
Section - 5C

Blair Russell
Section - 5D

Grade 6

Anna Beckmann
Section - 6A

Chrisie Klemme
Section - 6B

Scott Hamm
Section - 6C

Casey Brumit
Section - 6D

Special Education

Katherine Daab
SpEd - Primary

Heather Qualls
SpEd - Primary

Kristine Williams
SpEd - Intermediate

Cary Church
SpEd - Intermediate

Lori Colbert
SpEd - Intermediate

Jennifer Donald
SpEd - Intermediate

Emily Taylor
Classroom Aide

Kim Bacott
Classroom Aide

Lisa Nadler
Classroom Aide

Victoria Simshauser
Classroom Aide

Jodi Stephens
Classroom Aide

Kelly Morris
Classroom Aide

Brenda Thomas
Classroom Aide Aide

Tonya Gischer
Classroom Aide

Abby Click
Playground Aide

Lynette Barker
Playground Aide


Olivia Vaughn

Bridget Giovanetti
Computer Study Skills

Shelley Schaefer
Physical Education

Mandy Evers
Physical Education

Mike Treece
Library Media Specialist

Linda Phillips
Library Aide

Brad Penet
School Resource Officer

Allison Benware

Ancillary Staff

Ellen Woodstein

Rachel Katka
Part-time Speech

Cyndi Witt
Social Worker

Alina Carner

RTI Coordinator / Reading Specialist and Assistants

Ange Garrett
Literacy Specialist

Andria Hasty
Title RTI Support

Chrissy Strack
Title RTI Support



Beth Chism
Food Service

Lori Jackson
Food Service

Jessi Doerr
Food Service

Tina Esmon
Food Service Supervisor