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Message from the Superintendent:

At Dupo CUSD 196, we encourage our students to report bullying directly to a teacher, counselor, social worker or school administrator. Since some students are hesitant to come forward, our district is implementing the CyberBully Hotline Program. Below are the program basics:

-Students or parents can send a text or leave a voicemail.

-The Caller ID is masked, ensuring the report is completely anonymous.

-The reports are monitored only on school attendance days from 7:30am


-During monitoring hours only, a two-way, anonymous chat may occur.

-You must use a cellphone to receive a reply.

The CyberBully Hotline numbers are:

-Bluffview Elementary School: 618-612-6870

-Dupo Jr./Sr. High School: 618-612-6870

We are excited to offer this service for our students. We ask that you use the hotline responsibly, and report true bullying offenses. You may also utilize this service for suicide threats and threats of violence. When sending a message, please keep in mind the above mentioned monitoring hours. During non-school hours, responses to messages will be delayed due to the inability of administrators to respond immediately. Therefore, in case of an emergency, you must dial 911 for immediate help. For additional information, you may go to the district website, call your child’s school, or go to

Whether it's bullying, violence, crime, or something you just need to talk to someone about, please let us know.

Also, students may contact Safe 2 Help:

Safe2Help Illinois Helpline:   844-472-3345

The link is:

Ray Ortega

Director of Safety and Security


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