Special Education Services

Dupo CUSD 196 Special Education

Dupo Community School District is a stand-only special education district. This means that all services and decisions are based strictly on the needs students in our school district, and there are no other districts, or agencies, in the structure of our department. Our director is an on-site Dupo School District employee.

Our District’s goal is to assure that all children within our district disabilities receive a free and appropriate education as prescribed by state and federal laws. Our special education programs and services are tailored to the unique needs of our students as stated on their IEP’s.

If you would like to discuss the needs of your child, or to request an initial evaluation for services, please contact the special education department either by calling, email, or in person. After an initial request is made to the Director of Special Education, you will receive a response within 14 school days as to if the district will evaluate your child. If a request is approved, you will then be notified of a meeting to sign consent and a Domains meeting. If your request is denied, or if a student is evaluated and does not qualify for special education, and your child has a disability he/she may qualify for a 504 Plan. Students are eligible for a 504 Plan if (1) has a physical, or mental, impairment that substantially limits one, or more, major life activities; (2) has a record of a physical, or mental, impairment; or (3) is regarded as having a physical, or mental, impairment.


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504 Rights

Students with disabilities who do not qualify for an individualized education program under the IDEA may qualify for services under Section 504 if the student: (1) has a physical or mental impairment that substantially limits one or more major life activities; (2) has a record of a physical or mental impairment; or (3) is regarded as having a physical or mental impairment.

Please contact Kraig Roth using the communication methods listed above.

Any parent who is deaf or does not typically communicate using spoken English and who participates in a Section 504 meeting with a district representative shall be entitled to the services of an interpreter.


Kraig Roth

Director of Special Education


618-286-3812; Dial 8 at the prompt


Pauline Elfrink

Special Education Secretary


618-286-3812; Dial 8 at the prompt

Fax: 618-286-3813